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futura Montessori Zug (fMZ) is a diverse and vibrant community of learners. Our children explore and work together in a warm and nurturing home-like environment. fMZ was opened in 2020 as an additional location of futura school Baar. It has since become  an independent company, led by Head of School Anja Contu. fMZ is a thriving school serving and educating over 60 children from 18 months through kindergarten.


Our program is child-centered. Children learn through the exploration of self-chosen, hands-on materials. Understanding that children learn at their own pace and have a variety of interests, AMI/AM(S)-credentialed Montessori teachers plan lessons based on the individual interests and readiness of the children rather than chronological age.


A natural sense of wonder motivates these young learners to explore their connections to the world around them. They are learning how to get along with others as well as understanding each person’s responsibility to take care of not only themselves and their school environment, but also the wider community and our planet.


3 months - 18 months


18 months - 3 years


3 years - 4.5 years


4.5 - 6 years


fMZ Commitment

At fMZ, we are committed to

-providing a Montessori education, which is based on the premise that children have an innate ability to learn and that when supported by an appropriate environment and educator, the children are guided through their developmental needs to reach their full potential.


-building a prepared environment that focuses on providing the optimum stimulation during the sensitive periods of childhood, ready to develop and perfect their abilities.


-trained Montessori teachers, supported by Montessori assistants.


-the principle that all the learning materials should be child-sized and designed to appeal to all the senses. In addition, each child should also be allowed to move and act freely, and use their creativity and problem-solving skills.

What Parents Think

“We want to thank you for the wonderful time Aleyna spent at fMZ. We were all very happy and thankful for this time, watching her grow and experience so many good things, also learning every day alongside all the wonderful teachers too!"

Aleyna's mom

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